Lean2.0 Construction

Faced with consistently poor labor productivity—40% is the most commonly accepted number for our industry—many large construction companies within the last 10 years embraced Lean as a project delivery approach hoping to reverse that trend. Many of those same companies lost millions of dollars through poor execution, inconsistent application and lack of commitment to doing Lean the right way.

We saw an opportunity. After nearly 2 years of study, refinement and a methodical re-introduction of the practice, Lean2.0 was born—a new term coined and branded by Flintco to describe our approach to Lean.  We now have more than 50 Lean projects (and growing) with unequivocal data that validates our simple premise: When done right, Lean works.

Calling it Lean2.0 represents our quest for continuous improvement, a hallmark of Lean and our Ethos. The Lean2.0 “mark” is suggestive of a 4-story building and represents the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle that is fundamental to Lean; it also represents the familiar sticky notes associated with collaborative planning and the Last Planner System® that reflect our commitment to the Lean value “Respect for People”. The accent color takes a cue from the Flintco 4 LIFE logo. The tagline Better Construction means working the margins to gain incremental efficiencies at every step, providing more value to owners and is consistent with our company Vision Statement: Unwavering pursuit of the perfect construction experience.

Lean2.0 works for Arkansas Team to Complete Gentry School 80 Days Early