Flintco Celebrates 2018 Calendar Year with ZERO Recordables

Tulsa, OK (January 2, 2019) – Wrapping up 2018 and ringing in the New Year Flintco employees have cause for celebration. From safety milestones to good catches, none were more important than no Flintco employees getting hurt (recordable injury) on the job. We did it.

This is a benchmark that is significant both symbolically, and in real human terms. In 2016, we recorded 11 injures and in 2017 we recorded two injuries. That’s great year-to-year progress, but we have committed to never settle for anything less than ZERO.

It is time to celebrate our accomplishment! Project teams in each of our eight offices are planning to recognize this important milestone on job sites with staff, trade partners and owners. Because of our people, achieving new milestones in safety is becoming a habit at Flintco. However, we must all remain vigilant.

Our unwavering pursuit of the perfect construction experience starts by creating an incident and injury free workplace for everyone. Flintco is building on the momentum, continuing to strive for an injury free workplace for everyone in 2019!