Davis Correctional Facility


Holdenville, OK

Services Provided:

Construction Management at Risk


Rees Associates, Inc


Corrections Corporation of America

Total Square Feet:



  • This 1,000-bed medium security private prison was completed in 16 months.
  • The core of the structure is an ancillary building that serves all the daily needs of the facility: food service, laundry, medical, visitation, programming space, and administrative management spaces.
  • Master control located at the heart of the building controls all access into and egress from the prison.
  • A ring road outside the main fence is used for patrolling the prison perimeter and high, tower light masts illuminate the prison buildings and yard.
  • This is one of four similar facilities across Oklahoma built by Flintco utilizing the same cost, usage, security and transition data.
  • Flintco was involved with the early stages of design and program development, as well as construction management and start-up.