Tierra Antigua Elementary


Albuquerque, NM

Services Provided:

General Contracting


Van H. Gilbert Architect - PC


Albuquerque Public Schools

Total Square Feet:



  • The community-based design fosters a neighborhood connection to maximize the site while the exterior integrates with the neighborhood.
  • The school is organized around a light-filled central lobby with a media center, an outdoor amphitheater, a cafeteria with a raised platform for performances, and a multifunctional gymnasium filled with natural light all at the core of the building.
  • All areas of the school can be secured for after-school events or community functions and the Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom wing features its own drop-off area and secure playground.
  • Green design elements that reduce the school's energy consumption by an estimated 47%: east-west building orientation to maximize natural daylight, an efficient building envelope, solar collector system for hot water, high performance mechanical system, reflective roof system, increased insulation, high performance glazing, sunshades and light shelves.