UT Thermal Energy Storage Facility


Austin, TX

Services Provided:

General Contracting


Affiliated Engineers


UT Austin Utilities & Energy Mgt. Dept.

Total Square Feet:



  • The thermal energy storage tank was built on the northeast side of the UT Austin campus.
  • On a jobsite of barely 30,000 square feet, Flintco was contracted to build a tank with a 9,000-square-foot base and a 15’ wide road around the tank.
  • The scope of work includes construction and complete installation of a 4.2 million gallon steel TES tank including site work, drilled piers, structural slab, steel tank construction, insulation systems, guardrail to protect the tank, tappings for piping and controls associated for filling and testing.
  • In addition, the project also includes a 2,700-square-foot pump station facility installed to serve the storage tank.
  • With the completion of this project, the University has one of the most cost-effective and economical central heating and power district energy plants in the world.