UNM, The Pit


Albuquerque, NM

Services Provided:

Preconstruction, Construction Management


Molzen-Corbin and Associates


University of New Mexico

Total Square Feet:



  • This project upgraded the historic basketball arena, “The Pit.”
  • The arena received a complete facelift including new locker room facilities, new scoreboards, an expanded concourse, new restrooms, expanded concessions and a high-rise look out front.
  • The new concourse is expanded to give fans more walking space and glass will surround the building, giving fans walking the concourse clear views of the Sandia Mountains and Downtown Albuquerque.  
  • What is particularly unique about this extensive renovation is that the building is functioning at full capacity as the renovation occurs.
  • Careful coordination and construction phasing and extra measures are taken to assure safety for the large number of visitors to the arena.