USDA Crops Research Lab, Phases II and III


Fort Collins, CO

Services Provided:

Preconstruction, Construction Management


U.S. Department of Agriculture

Total Square Feet:



  • The existing facility constructed in the early 1960s is receiving a complete renovation, including removal and replacement of all mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, new labs, laboratory casework, equipment and administrative offices.
  • The existing greenhouses were demolished to make way for four new greenhouses capable of making adjustments for light levels, temperature, humidity, simulated sunrise through a computer-controlled shading system and even capability to basically rain via a computer controlled fog system.
  • The entire greenhouse system is tied to an outside weather station that works in conjunction with the interior data readings of the greenhouse to simulate virtually any weather condition suitable for growing.
  • Two greenhouse rooms will have CO2 injection capabilities and these rooms will be used to help determine the effects of future projected CO2 levels thought to be present in our atmosphere and the effects it might have on agricultural plant life.