American Lung Association


Tulsa, OK

Services Provided:

Preconstruction, Construction Management


Fritz Baily Inc.


American Lung Association of Green Country

Total Square Feet:



  • The Tulsa Fire Alarm Building – a nationally registered historic building – is a Public Works Administration Art Deco project built in 1931 that features elaborate use of terra cotta and is heralded as the city’s most fireproof building with a brick and concrete exterior and metal doors, window sashes, trim and base boards.
  • Flintco was selected to renovate the facility after it had been abandoned for 20 years and it was imperative that new construction maintain the historical integrity of the original building while providing a clean air environment.
  • All masonry joints were cut out, tucked and pointed to match the original joints
  • All the existing original window frames were restored and the team created a way to install a 5/8" insulated window back in place of the original single pane.
  • The entire roof structure was completely removed and reinstalled to today's standards with a total restoration of the more than 200-piece skylight and the grand front staircase was completely cataloged, disassembled and reassembled.