Kickapoo Casino


Harrah, OK

Services Provided:

Preconstruction, Construction Management


Selser Schaefer


Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma

Total Square Feet:



  • This new casino includes a gaming floor, porte-cochere, full service dining, bar, restaurant, administration area, and parking for 1,200 cars.
  • Because the structure is made of fabric, special considerations were taken into account in both design and construction to allow movement without impacting the finish materials.
  • Because the walls aren’t tied to the structure in a typical manner, the lighting is anchored differently and flexible ductwork is incorporated into the structure.
  • Nine cooling units totaling close to 300 tons provide ten air changes per hour to help pull the smoke out of the air as well as offset the heat load of each gaming machine to provide a constant 68 degree temperature needed in the dedicated server rooms.
  • Because of it's rural location, the project includes a fully-contained water distribution system, including a well, 330,000-gallon water storage facility and a waste water treatment plant.