Naschitti Elementary School


Naschitti, N.M.


Fanning Bard Tatum, LTD


Central Consolidated School District

Total Square Feet:



This project on the Navajo Reservation was a replacement facility for an existing school and was completed in three concurrent phases. Students and staff occupied portions of the building while school remained in session during all three phases of this project. Flintco was committed to utilizing the community’s workforce, staffing the project with qualified Dine’ tribal members. Phase I included a partial demolition of the existing facility and construction the new space to include new classrooms, offices, library, cafeteria and commercial kitchen. Phase II consisted of the renovation of the gymnasium that had been part of the campus since 1996. It was the only portion of the existing school that remained when the project was completed. Phase III was the demolition of all remaining school buildings and replacement of the playing fields, play equipment and parking area.