Arkansas Arts Academy High School Expansion & Renovation

Arkansas Arts Academy consists of 79,650 SF of new building construction. The school is one large building constructed between two existing buildings and all seamlessly married together. Within the walls of the school are areas of wood ceilings flowing down to walls and vast amounts of natural light beaming through a large retractable glass wall. There are also multiple areas of the school consisting more of a boutique-type construction. Additionally, a large focus was placed on sound within the school, with approximately 40% of the walls consisting of 5 layers of drywall. The project occurred within an active school campus with students and faculty traveling along the exterior of the construction site. With a very small construction site coordination of trades and materials were key to the success of this project.



Rogers, AR




85,555 SF


April 2019


Arkansas Arts Academy


Hight-Jackson Associates P.A.


Prime Contractor

Delivery Method

CM - At Risk