Flintco was recognized nationally in 2018 for a Construction Safety Excellence Award (CESA).

We have maintained outstanding safety metrics for 20 years – well below the national average – but when it comes to safety, we believe good is not good enough.

We embarked on an enterprise safety initiative in 2016 that has no end: to Live Incident Free Everyday. We call it Flintco 4 LIFE.

Every executive leader and senior manager at Flintco has since attended a 2-day safety commitment workshop with follow-up coaching sessions. Ten of our staff were handpicked to lead a 4-hour “incident and injury free” orientation for every Flintco employee – nearly 600 currently, including temporary workers, followed by another 4-hour supervisory program. Since starting our Flintco 4 LIFE journey, Flintco has dedicated more than 6000 hours (and counting) to safety leadership training.

Our approach to safety opens communication, builds relationships, expands risk awareness, and increases the frequency of workers following procedure and training. Participation in meetings, training sessions, safety walks, and audits has vastly improved as evidenced by our 2017 performance. Flintco reached 4 million man hours (and counting) in 2018 without a Recordable Incident. Complacency is not part of our culture. Safety is paramount.