Innovation in action

Flintco continues to thrive by focusing on safety, innovation and our people.

At Flintco we are constantly reviewing third-party applications and new processes for project controls, virtual design and construction workflows and reality capture in our quest to improve the quality of submittals, plans, installation of work and document control of as-built construction. Complacency is not part of our culture. We have developed an “ecosystem of innovation” and embedded it throughout Flintco with a clear mandate to identify, thoroughly test and then rapidly deploy new technologies and process. At the same time, we exercise caution, careful to avoid adopting anything that may offer more “flash” than real value to our clients. We intentionally stay on the leading edge of construction by harnessing our collective desire for continuous improvement in our unwavering pursuit of the perfect construction experience.

Flintco 4 Life

We are focused on the well-being of our employees, trade partners and our clients. We are intolerant of any incident or injury. Learn more about the “4 Rs” and how each one informs our daily pursuit to Live Incident Free Everyday (LIFE).

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Virtual Design & Construction

We created an ecosystem of innovation at Flintco to capture and implement technology that enhances collaboration, improves accuracy and helps us deliver superior results throughout design and construction.

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Lean2.0® represents our quest for continuous improvement, a hallmark of the Lean practice and the Flintco Ethos. It means we work to eliminate waste, strive for efficiency and provide more value to owners.

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