Crooked Creek W&W Treatment Facility Upgrade


Norcross, GA


Crooked Creek

Services Provided:

General Construction, Renovation


Gwinnett County


  • Scope includes modifications to improve plant safety, efficiency and reliability, and compliance with state and federal regulations. The upgrades allow the facility to handle up to 28 million gallons per day of wastewater.
  • The existing facility will remain in continuous operation throughout construction. Flintco self-performed the cast-in-place concrete, site yard piping, excavation and concrete placement of electrical duct banks, process piping and process mechanical equipment.
  • Upgrades include: new biological reactor basins, a process building, two odor-control facilities, two secondary clarifiers, Return Activated Sludge (RAS) pumping station, a service water pump station and post aeration facility, along with the main electrical building and stand-by generators, a solids handling building and a sanitary pump station.