Anya Choy

Project Manager / Austin

When Anya Choy was initially considering a career – construction wasn’t even on her radar.

“Both my parents were in the oil and gas industry so I initially pursued that in college. I realized it wasn’t the career path for me, and as I was considering switching majors, I wasn’t aware Construction Management was even an option,” she said. “One of my college advisors at the University of Texas, Tyler, gave me some information about it, and from the first introduction to this field, I knew I really enjoyed the mix of the technical knowledge with the business management aspects.”

Anya began working at Flintco in 2017 and is now a Project Manager. Working on projects in the field is exactly where Anya knows she belongs. One of her most memorable projects was working on the 70 Rainey Street Residences Tower project in downtown Austin. “Having the opportunity to be part of one of the most recognizable buildings in Austin straight out of college was very challenging, but it was also incredibly rewarding to have an impact on this city’s skyline,” she said. Anya said that a career in construction can be challenging, but women should be unafraid to ask questions.
“It can be intimidating at first, but it is very fulfilling. Ask questions and learn as much as possible about your project. If you demonstrate that you have the knowledge and abilities, you will gain respect regardless of age or gender,” she said.

“There is scientific proof that male and female brains are wired differently. Women bring so many new ideas into this industry with critical problem-solving skills. Diversity drives innovation,” she said.