Bhavna Biyani

VDC Senior Manager / Austin

Bhavna Nim’s journey to a career in the construction industry began at a 20-story high-rise in New Delhi, India.

“I have an architecture degree and I was working on a residential tower and went to a few jobsites – that sparked an interest for me to diversify my career from design to construction,” Bhavna said. “A reaction I always get from people is: ‘How are you in construction?’ I explain to them that a lot of work in construction happens behind the scenes supporting the field work and that is where I belong.”

Bhavna was soon accepted to Texas A&M’s Master’s program in Construction Management. And while her family naturally wanted her to stay in India, a good friend encouraged her to go.

“That was some of the best advice I ever received. I’m so glad I did it,” she said. “I love working for Flintco and especially living in Austin. I’m from a hugely populated city in India, so I’m not one to live in the suburbs. I like living in the heart of Austin and I enjoy the music, the outdoors and all of the restaurants,” she said.

Bhavna said her love of technology and problem-solving was a perfect fit for her role in Virtual Design and Construction, where she said there are many opportunities for women.

“I am continuously involved on the forefront of technology implementation and witness the improvisation of our workflows, jobsite performance and help mitigate risks,” she said.

“I would advise women to pursue their dreams and look for a company that will bolster their career and be a partner in their success and their diversity. I’m really glad that I chose to work in construction, and am glad to call Flintco home. It has been an amazing learning experience — not just for me, but women and diversity in the workplace.”

Bhavna went out of her comfort zone a few years ago for something that took her to heights far beyond a high-rise tower – skydiving.

“It was life-changing. I was so scared because I was the first one who jumped out of the plane! I never thought I would do something like that and I’m so glad I did.”