Craig Saur

Chief Administrative Officer

As Chief Administrative Office, Craig Saur is responsible for many of the fundamentals of our business including financial and risk management, legal and information technology. Craig served as Market Leader in the Building and Healthcare division at our parent company, Alberici, before joining Flintco. He views his current position as an internal support role by providing accurate financial results, and by being responsive to all internal initiatives and requests.

He started his career in real estate development – valuable experience as Flintco is now sourcing and underwriting private development and construction partnerships through Flintco Development Group in addition to providing general contracting services. He describes a spirit of collaboration that is pervasive at Flintco, a shared commitment to elevate each other and accountability as key characteristics of our culture. Providing Flintco clients with a finished, tangible asset and the excitement of watching a building take shape continues to drive Craig to excel in construction and real estate development.

Craig has a passion for Higher Education having earned multiple advanced degrees: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Mathematics from Vanderbilt University; Master’s in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, which he describes as an “engineer’s MBA” program; and a pure MBA from the University of Michigan. Craig has served at the board level for Habitat for Humanity, coached youth sports and volunteered his financial expertise at his children’s school. He’s a voracious reader, has a penchant for golf and sports in general, enjoys movies, the pursuit of the perfect New York style pizza from his home kitchen and spending time with his wife and two children in Austin.