Gianny Romero

Project Manager / Oklahoma City

Gianny Romero was introduced to construction at an early age — her grandfather worked in residential construction and her father worked in the storm window business. She worked side-by-side with her father, learning all phases of the business, which led her to pursue a degree in construction management.

Born and raised in Florida, a move to Oklahoma five years ago brought new opportunities. Following the lead of friends who spoke highly of Flintco’s culture and accomplishments, Gianny joined the company and brought a different perspective to traditional view and an optimistic attitude. Her biggest motivators for her optimism is her husband and her family.

“They are always there to point me in the right direction, provide perspective, and are my biggest cheerleaders,” Gianny said.

“Working in construction brings forth a new challenge each day and keeps it interesting and fast-paced. Like many have said, no two projects are alike and you learn something new from each one,” said Gianny.

For women entering the construction world, Gianny shares her insight.

“Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts or ask for help and remember you are a part of a team that ultimately shares the same goal — completing a project successfully,” Gianny said.  “Most importantly, don’t forget to take opportunities to build each other up. There’s so much to gain from sharing each other’s experiences and building an inclusive community.”

Being part of the community and giving back is also important to Gianny. Holding the Flintco Ethos to heart of positively contributing to our culture and community to heart, Gianny is humbled by working with Habitat for Humanity to deliver homes for those in need.