Jon Monzyk

Safety Leader

Jon has been in his current position with Leonard Masonry Acquisition, Alberici’s self-perform groups in the greater St. Louis, MO area, for 3 years. With certifications as a Commercial and Residential building inspector, Jon leads the repair and restoration division. With over 25 years in the construction industry, Jon has experience with many different types of structures and the tools and equipment needed to construct them properly. Holding an STSC certificate with the BCSP, he also serves as safety manager at Leonard Masonry. He has seen great progress in their safety culture and continued daily successes in job site safety.

Jon had the great opportunity to assist with building a home in Acuna, Mexico, with Casa Por Christo just 2 years ago and looks forward to this new adventure helping others in need. This will be his farthest journey from home but one he greatly looks forward to. Jon has been married to his wife, Sarah, for 12 years and is the father of a son, Scout, and 2 daughters, Ava and Evelyn. He understands the needs that families have and the great concern for their ability to access schools, hospitals, and areas of commerce safely.