Jordan Phillips

Support / Oklahoma City

Flintco Role: HSE Area Manager

Role at Bridge Site: Support Member

Jordan Phillips is the HSE Area Manager for Flintco’s Oklahoma City office. Recently married, he and his wife Ashley have one canine child, Murphy, an enormous black Labrador Retriever. Jordan was educated formally at the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Industrial Safety and informally at his grandparents’ ranch. He started with Flintco after graduating college and has been blessed with the opportunity to work with some outstanding leaders and teams.

Outside of work, Jordan enjoys chasing deer, sasquatch, and elk through the backcountry wildernesses of the great National Forest during the fall. In the spring and summer months, he takes every opportunity he can to be on the lake and go trout fishing. Jordan enjoys volunteering on committee teams for nonprofits and philanthropy organizations, a passion he found in college. This passion has become the driving force of how he chooses to live his personal and professional life.

Jordan will help ensure the project team safely navigates the foreign terrain of Rwanda. His extensive hiking, camping, and hunting experience in the backcountry have taught him to be fully prepared and to always have a backup plan should you run into a challenge. In everyday work life, Flintco builds facilities in our communities that enrich the lives of the people that live there. Jordan sees the bridge build as a parallel – an opportunity to plant a metaphorical “tree” whose shade we will never sit under. This mentality drives Jordan in his day-to-day work and this build sheds new light on his life.