Mandie Rowden

Marketing Manager / Tulsa

Mandie Rowden’s communications career has spanned multiple industries, including journalism, nonprofit and healthcare.

“Now I feel like I’ve found my place, as I’m able to best apply my skills in the fast-paced, multiple-plates-spinning, win-or-lose environment of construction pursuits,” she said. “It keeps my day-to-day unpredictable and motivating.”

As a native Oklahoman, Mandie has a great deal of appreciation for the legacy of construction she’s been fortunate to grow up around — and now feels privileged to be part of it as Flintco’s Marketing Manager for the Central Region, which includes Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Arkansas.

As a woman in the industry, Mandie’s advice is to be present.

“Take a seat at the table, be an active listener and add your voice to the conversation. Different perspectives offer different solutions and always make teams stronger. Be a supporter of the women around you,” she said. “The success of all women in a male-dominated field is an ultimate success for you and those coming behind you.”

In her offline hours, Mandie and her wife are expending any available energy chasing, playing and reading with their 19-month old twins.

“I have been fortunate to have men and women invest in me and my career. I owe a great deal of my career to others who saw my potential and gave me the opportunity to shine. I’ve also had the opportunity to repay the favor,” she said.