Sean Williams

Logistics Lead

Flintco Role: Director of Training and Development

Role at Bridge Site: Logistics Lead

Sean grew up just outside of Washington, DC on the Maryland side. After graduating from high school, Sean moved to Albuquerque, NM to attend the University of New Mexico where he received a degree in Instructional Design and Technology. He joined Flintco in March of 1996 as a carpenter and spent the early part of his career working on the Navajo and Hopi reservations, building clinics and hospitals for the Indian Health Service. Sean’s diverse construction experience has allowed him to work in a variety of positions at Flintco and manage various construction projects throughout the United States. With Sean’s interest in training and a background in education, it was an easy transition for Sean to move into the role of Director of Training & Development for Flintco where he has served in this position for the past five years.

Sean still calls Albuquerque home and lives there with his wife Denise, where they love to spend time outside in the nearby mountains whenever possible. Sean is passionate about cycling and spends most of his free time mountain biking. He also enjoys renovating older homes. When he’s not working or riding his bike, he leverages his construction knowledge and experience to take old, dilapidated structures and make them new again.

As Logistics Lead for the team, Sean will utilize his extensive experience working in remote locations and managing the logistics of getting materials transported. Sean’s strong work ethic, coupled with his travel experience (Central America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa) will be instrumental in helping the team to be culturally sensitive, engage the local workforce, and foster trust with the community.