Teresa Williams

Logistics Leader

Teresa Williams has a big heart for traveling and serving others. Before age 30, she had already explored 20% of the countries across the world. Teresa grew up in a multicultural home, which sparked an early interest in meeting people from around the world and learning about other cultural backgrounds and history. She lived in Europe for nearly 10 years. She took a career break between jobs to volunteer for a year and a half with CCEOK, a non-profit organization in Tulsa, OK, and helped support their 15 different local outreach programs.

Beyond travel and serving, Teresa enjoys teaching Latin dance, hiking, kayaking, climbing, reading around 50 books a year, sewing, and playing her ukulele around a campfire. She brings her skills in planning and organization and her ability to communicate/present information clearly to the B2P team. Teresa is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing project and is looking forward to getting to know everyone involved.