Whitney Hagedorn

Senior Project Manager / Arkansas

A career in construction seemed like a natural fit for Whitney Hagedorn, who grew up with both her parents working in the industry. It wasn’t until working for a masonry supplier in college, while pursuing a degree in architecture, that she decided construction was where she envisioned herself. Whitney was mentored by the female owner of the masonry company, who showed her the many different types of work within construction.

“After college, I moved to Springfield, MO, and joined the local National Association of Women in Construction chapter to get involved and meet people, and sure enough I did,” she said. “ I went out for coffee with a project manager from Flintco and soon after, I joined the Flintco team working in the field under her. She guided me every step of the way.”

Now, Whitney enjoys doing the same for others on her team. She is a team player who enjoys working together to collaborate, brainstorm, and mentor others.

As a 20-year Flintco veteran, Whitney still loves the satisfaction of seeing the work she and the Flintco team, have built in her community and the relationships that she has made along the way.

“Doing a good job and being proud of what you do,” Whitney said, is what motivates her. “My success also makes Flintco successful.”

From her own experience of growing up around construction, but not initially envisioning working in it, she has this advice for women entering the construction industry:

“There are a lot of opportunities in a variety of fields. Don’t be shy and just go for it.”