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Flintco Announces Arkansas Promotions

A promotion not only recognizes the contribution of an individual, it also is a leading indicator of a healthy organization – a place where careers can flourish with hard work and dedication. Flintco is pleased to announce three promotions that fundamentally alter the structure of Flintco’s Arkansas office.

Pillars I graduate Chad Crouch and recent Pillars II inductee Patrick Horath both have new roles as Project Director with Klint Kimball named Preconstruction Manager.

With 14 years at Flintco, Patrick brings stability and deep local roots within the construction community to his new role. Patrick said the “tight knit group” in NW Arkansas continues to motivate him to build on the legacy set by Vice President/Area Manager Brent Farmer. Patrick, his wife and three children appreciate Bentonville’s philanthropic spirit “investing so much into the community to make it better.”

Chad grew up in SW Missouri getting an introduction to construction working alongside his grandfather. He joined Flintco in 2006 working in Missouri until relocating to Tulsa in 2009. The opportunity to join and contribute to the Springdale team also means moving closer to his childhood roots and spending more time on the water with his wife and three children. Chad is an avid fly fisherman and enjoys tinkering with his 2005 Jeep Wrangler.

Klint likes to win – a common character trait at Flintco! “I like to figure out how to make a project better, faster and stronger,” he said. “I like to out think the competition.” Growing up competitive athlete Klint is “slowly recognizing his ability to compete in sports at a high level is starting to wane’”. Today he enjoys less strenuous activities like a round of golf and time on the lake with family. Klint joined Flintco in 2017 after moving from Spokane, WA with his wife and two kids.

Congratulations Patrick, Chad and Klint on their well-deserved promotion’s.

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