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Flintco Welcomes Two New Team Members

Flintco Welcomes Two New Team Members

Flintco welcomes two new members to the team — Rick Baysinger, Director of Offsite Construction; and Michael Thole, Quality Assurance Manager. These roles will help guide Flintco on our unwavering pursuit of the perfect construction experience.

“We are excited to welcome Rick and Michael, who are both working out of our Austin office, said Jim Blose, SVP of Operational Excellence. “They have started to engage with different teams in multiple offices. Their ideas and experience adds to our expertise as a company in two very important areas.”


Rick Baysinger, Director of Offsite Construction

Rick’s new role focuses on offsite construction, something he calls the “future of the construction industry.”

“The excitement I have for offsite construction is enormous, Rick said. “I’ve seen it work, I know it works and I’m thrilled that Flintco is committing more resources to it.”

Rick has a background in MEP and offsite with Cupertino Electric Modular and Dell Modular. He holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering from Texas A&M and a Master’s from the University of Texas. Previously, Rick worked as an owner’s representative on large mission critical projects for Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Intel.

“At Cupertino’s modular division, although the headquarters were in California, they realized how cost-effective and efficient it was to ship from their facility in Wisconsin,” Rick said. “I’m eager to spread the word to project teams about the tremendous things we can do with offsite.”

Michael Thole, Quality Assurance Manager

A native of the Bronx, New York— Michael grew up within the construction industry.

“My father was a construction worker, and as a teenager I began working for his employer, a local brick mason in New York City,” he said. “Later, when I went to college, I interned with Skanska Civil USA for multiple summers.”

At Flintco, Michael will help manage the implementation of Lean2.0, while also integrating Quality Assurance and Control programming throughout the project life cycle. Michael’s background is centered on Lean and Quality management, having developed both skillsets at Bechtel, Boeing, and Austin Energy.

He holds a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Columbia University and a Master’s from the University of Texas. At Boeing, Michael grew from initial assignments within the company’s facilities and real estate teams, eventually managing Lean initiatives across enterprise production and service programs.

When he had the opportunity to work with Austin Energy, it brought him back to Texas and his wife’s hometown of Austin. Michael said that he’s excited to help develop programming and build on Flintco’s progress with Lean2.0.

“What Flintco offers me is a great opportunity to combine my educational background in civil engineering and construction management with my previous work experiences focused on Quality and Lean deployment,” he said. “If you put Quality and Lean on a roadmap at Flintco, there’s still plenty of space to further define, and link, the two.”

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