Bentonville Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Bentonville WWTP Solids Improvement project consisted of a full replacement of the dewatering press system, from the digestive sludge pump all the way to the conveying system. The 36-year-old belt press and belt conveyor were replaced with a state of the art flocculation and flash mixing tank along with two screw presses and a shaftless screw conveyor. Along with the sludge piping, plumbing piping, and polymer system piping being replaced, a new Seepex digestive cavity pump was installed. The polymer system was fully overhauled with a new polymer pump, piping, totes, and the inclusion of a secondary spill pallet. To power all the new equipment, old electrical panels were replaced and new wiring to all equipment was run through a new PVC coated conduit.

The project was recognized by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Arkansas and received the 2020 Excellence in Construction Eagle Award for the Under $1 million Public Works/Environment category.



Bentonville, AR




1,430 SF


February 2019


City of Bentonville




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