Bentonville Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Bentonville WWTP Solids Improvement project consisted of a full replacement of the dewatering press system, from the digestive sludge pump all the way to the conveying system. The 36 year old belt press and belt conveyor were replaced with a state of the art flocculation and flash mixing tank along with two screw presses and a shaftless screw conveyor. Along with the sludge piping, plumbing piping, and polymer system piping being replaced, a new Seepex digestive cavity pump was installed. The polymer system was fully overhauled with a new polymer pump, piping, totes, and the inclusion of a secondary spill pallet. To power all the new equipment old electrical panels were replaced and new wiring to all equipment was run through new pvc coated conduit.



Bentonville, AR


February 2019


City of Bentonville




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