Memphis International Airport Air Traffic Control Tower

The new 336-foot air traffic control at Memphis International Airport is made of structural precast concrete on top of a massive 900 CYD foundation and 220 auger-cast reinforced piles 80-feet deep. The structural precast is topped with a 100-foot super-structure of steel and architectural precast with an 850 SF tower cab. The 24,850 SF base building houses training rooms, a tower cab simulator, administrative offices, and an expanded terminal radar approach control (TRACON), with space for future growth. The facility includes seismic, security, and air traffic simulation capabilities. The TRACON base building, is constructed of 100% cast-in-place reinforced concrete with a precast concrete shell, blast resistant doors and windows. The third structure is a separate Environmental Services (ES) building housing the critical power feeds and an emergency diesel generator designed to keep the Tower and TRACON fully operational for 72 hours without any outside power or additional fuel. In addition, the facility contains an advance power monitoring system with dual UPS units to allow critical systems to run uninterrupted for 2 hours without outside power or emergency generator support.



Memphis, TN




24,850 SF


May 2012


Federal Aviation Administration


URS Corporation


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