Tulsa Zoo

Flintco has completed three projects for the Tulsa Zoo. The wooden platform and feeding deck of the Giraffe Experience are designed to simulate an African hut and provide zoo guests the ability to see wild, exotic giraffes up close in a safe manner. Trex Deck, a no-maintenance material that is made out of recycled milk jugs, was used for the flooring to mitigate wear and maintenance concerns. The sea lion exhibit contains a 100,000 gallon tank capable of housing five sea lions and includes a resting area made from gunite rock in the center. An underwater tunnel and two adjacent buildings house the life support equipment, the keeper, and quarantine areas. This new rhino reserve includes a concrete barn with a green roof to benefit irrigation and a three-acre space for the rhinos. Also included are a pond, a straw-bale wall, and an extended pedestrian path up to the barn where guests can see the animals inside the barn through a glass curtainwall viewing area.



Tulsa, OK


15,894 SF


April 2011


Tulsa Zoo Management Inc.


Crafton Tull and Associates


Prime Contractor

Delivery Method

CM - At Risk