August 25, 2020

This second installment of Flintco Forward’s focused look at the Texas Capitol Complex project in Austin, Texas, zeroes in on phase one construction. Host Tyler Kern spoke with three of Page’s architects working on the project, Lawrence W. Speck, Senior Principal, Paul Bielamowicz, Principal Senior Project Manager, and Ryan Losch, Senior Associate, Urban Designer.

The goal of the new Texas Capitol Complex is multi-fold. It will not only celebrate the State capitol, and house state employees in state office space with more space than ever before, but it will also create well-defined civic spaces for various events and community engagement. “We want to create a district that connects to the city around it,” Losch said.

Speck noted that creating a large mall to the north of the capitol building will result in a grand, green space where the public can gather for enjoyment and events. “It will be a place where families can bring their kids,” Speck said. There are many museums in the area to visit, and a planned cultural venue will generate excitement.

“One of the project’s big drivers is a practical financial benefit to the state,” Bielamowicz said. “The state has a lot of agencies that currently lease spaces, and by constructing these office buildings and having the state own and operate these buildings, they are saving a lot of dollars in the long run.”

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