October 21, 2020

For this third installment of Flintco Forward’s look at the Texas Capitol Complex project, Ruben Martinez, President of Martinez Moore Engineers, LLC, Tom Stuhler, Vice President, Senior Project Architect, at HKS, Inc., Brian Eason, Senior Project Manager at HKS, Inc., and Jason Riley, Senior Superintendent, Flintco, LLC focused on the 1801 Congress portion of the project.

“The 1801 Congress project, also referred to as the George H.W. Bush building, is a 15-story office tower that sits on a four-story, below-grade garage,” Riley said.

A lot of effort goes into keeping a project of this magnitude on track with the various Texas Facilities Commission Agencies.

“There is a lot of coordination necessary,” Stuhler said.

With five other packages to consider, this project touches upon others. Eason mentioned hundreds of people and multiple teams, from engineers to designers, working on this project phase.

For Martinez, there’s a lot of pride on the line with his firm’s ability to tie the state’s traditions to those shaping Texas’ future the way companies such as Martinez Moore and HKS have done for years.

“When you can contribute to a very important part of Texas that a lot of people will one day get to enjoy, [including] everything this complex will have to offer, it’s just something I find very fulfilling,” Martinez said.

“All of the various phases are not under one general contractor’s direction or designed by one architect,” Riley said. “There are a lot of different challenges where these projects meet and come together, and there’s a lot of coordination that goes into that on Flintco’s end to make sure what we’re providing can tie into what the other contractors are providing and vice versa.”

One thing is for sure: the efforts, teamwork, and shared mission of so many will make the Texas Capitol Complex project a smashing success for Austin and something Texans can be proud of for years to come.

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