Kirk Mammen

Vice President, Area Manager / Oklahoma City

Kirk Mammen celebrated his 25th Anniversary with Flintco in 2019 – five years after being named Vice President Area Manager based in our Oklahoma City office. With all the responsibilities that come with his role, working to develop successful teams is what Kirk enjoys the most: hiring and retaining top talent, working together to overcome challenges, developing new client relationships and strengthening existing ones. Taking the time to get to know the men and women who are putting the work in place is fundamental to how Kirk approaches his work at Flintco.

The satisfaction of working together as a team to overcome challenges and produce something of tangible significance lies at the core of what attracted Kirk to the construction industry. The renovation of the historic Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City stands out among the many Flintco projects on Kirk’s resume. The building’s artistry – ornate plaster work, exterior details in stone and elaborate wood trim (features that have mostly disappeared in contemporary construction) – made the project unique and a gratifying experience for Kirk.

Kirk earned a full athletic scholarship in wrestling to Oklahoma State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Technology and was a 4-time All American. He serves on an advisory board for the Oklahoma City and the Edmond chambers of commerce, and volunteers with the Oklahoma City Warriors, a non-profit organization that uses wrestling as a vehicle to teach life skills to disadvantaged youth. Kirk lives in Oklahoma City with his wife where they raised two children.