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Flintco plans to move local HQ to Cordova to accommodate growth


Aug 30, 2022 | Published by: Stephen MacLeod




Flintco’s Memphis office team


Flintco is expanding its Memphis-area presence with a new office.

The Oklahoma-based national contractor plans to move their local headquarters to 65 Germantown Court in Cordova. The space is a size upgrade over the company’s current Memphis HQ at 2179 Hillshire Circle, off of Whitten Road north of I-40.

Flintco is set to spend $1.4 million to adapt nearly the 12,000-square-foot space. The Germantown Court location is adjacent to Shelby Farms Park.

“Memphis is taking a step forward and growing, and so are we,” said Tim Weatherford, president of Flintco’s Southeast region. “We’ve been in Memphis for 36 years. And we’re going to be moving over … for a more centralized location — one for the convenience of our staff as well as doubling the size of our office.”

Weatherford said Flintco remains bullish on Memphis and is forecasting a 20% growth in local staff.

“The Memphis market is showing [it is] strong, and we’ve been very fortunate in acquiring work,” Weatherford said. “Looking at the new, upcoming pursuits that are out there in the marketplace, we need to add to our associates to be able to continue to serve our clients.”

Flintco is mostly keeping its eyes on Shelby County for the moment but also will look to opportunities in Haywood and Tipton counties as jobs present themselves, especially with the coming of BlueOval City.

The office is scheduled to have all the fixings of a modern office. Weatherford said Flintco’s office staff have a work-from-home policy, but many choose to come to the office.

The floor plan in the new space will be a mix of traditional office and coworking space. Glass will be prevalent throughout to allow for lots of natural light. The office will be decorated with “Memphis landmarks” and projects Flintco has worked on in the area.

One main feature will be a 4,000-square-foot conference room that Weatherford noted will be called “The Center of Excellence.” That space allows for Flintco’s local staff to meet in one place for events, training, or large staff meetings.

Weatherford said the office is being designed by Memphis-based Haizlip Studio. Flintco plans to move into the new space by early December.

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